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The High Density Energy Storage (HDES) initiative is a Dutch initiative that works closely together with an Energy Storage System supplier. It develops applications for this advanced electrical energy storage system. This system has the potential to store many times more electrical energy than is presently possible.

The team has activities in France, Switzerland and the  Netherlands but also has associated contributors in many other countries. Over the years more than 100 specialists in and outside the EU contributed to the development of prototypes of the technology.

The HDES initiative in the Netherlands is primarily focused on:

  • Application development
  • Partnering for and funding of new developments
  • Project management of application development

The HDES initiative does not develop the energy storage iitself, but has the task to develop the applications using it.The HDES initiative is actively looking for new partners and new applications. The HDES initiative want to bring these specific developments jointly with our customers and parners to TRL 7 or 8.

the whole initiative is focussing on licensing based on prototyping at advanced TRL levels per application field. Currently there are 2 prototype systems, each totally different, T-3 and T-4. T-3 is a generic  low kWh (1 kWh, high power, very fast charging) unit the form and size of a tennisball container. T-4 mimicks a well known car starter battery, and is more or less a battery made of T-3 technologies. This T-4 is being further optimized.

It has an impressive kWh capacity performance and a good power performance (kW).

The team will in the 2016 – 2018 period start to license its battery technology and to venture new applications of this technology. The battery technology is at TRL 4 to 5 for some Fields of Use. Elaborate testing will start in the second half of 2016. In 2018 the technology will be at the pre-industrial production scale for at least one application.

Earlier prototypes have been tested since 2013, which has led to the current T-3 and T-4 prototypes. Based on this experience, a further effort will be made to scale up the production and make units available for testing.

Our projects

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Underwater applications

Underwater applications

Underwater vessels will have a great endurance, range and speed under water by using the HDES technology.

Domestic Energy Buffering

Domestic Energy Buffering

The HDES technology can buffer electrical energy and make home more independent from the grid.

Small electric maritime applications

Small electric maritime applications

The HDES battery can also be used for small electric boats to limit pollution and noise and care for the environment.

Space applications

Space applications

A High energy density battery will make new space applications possible.