About us

HDES Service & Engineering BV has been created to develop applications and products around technologies that are brought in by the founders. As an Engineering and Consultancy company it has the expertise and possibilities to develop technologies to high TRL levels and to develop and qualify products.

The core of HDES is formed by four people experienced in funding and corporate structuring as well as being experienced technical managers. This is complemented by a team of more than 10 experienced Dutch technical experts in diverse fields like electronics, prototype building, testing, research and product development. HDES has established a large European network of consultants and affiliated companies to assist in giving the right service to our customers. Our team members have past working experience in diverse fields as space and aeronautical hardware, maritime engineering and finance, energy generation and distribution, chemical engineering and electrical engineering. Most of our team hold Bachelor or Master degrees and have at least 20 years of experience in their field.

Our present experience includes:

  • Complex technical product development, including testing verification and certification
  • Prototype building and testing
  • Energy storage systems, both Electrical as well as chemical and pneumatic
  • Electrical systems design, development and testing
  • Modelling and characterization of physical processes
  • Corporate strategy and financial management
  • Finance and venture capital management

Projects and activities were our team members were involved include:

  • Development of gasgenerators for three space missions, two of which have operated successfully in space on board of the Proba 2 and Delfi N3xT satellites and the Inflatesail satellite which is awaiting launch in late 2016
  • Development and ground test of Electrical driven rocket engines for the European Space Agency
  • IP advisory for a heat exchanger company in the Netherlands
  • Tenths of business development and corporate finance projects in technology sectors
  • Early development and business plan writing for robotic applications in the maritime area in co-operation with the TU Delft
  • Development and operations of a teststand for small Hydrogen and Oxygen rocket engines for the Vinci Rocket Engine development programme for the European Space Agency
  • Hardware development for the International Space Station like valves, fans and experimental facilities) as part of the Bradford Engineering team