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Warning and Obstruction Lights for Launch sites

Orga is a Dutch company based in Schiedam that produces visual communication equipment for the offshore, maritime and aviation sectors. The company produces equipment like Aids to Navigation such as Marine lights, foghorn signals and radar beacons, obstruction lighting solutions, helideck lighting solutions and remote power supplies.

With its extensive expertise in the offshore and aviation industry, Orga is investigating ways to spread their knowledge of safety marking to other markets and has identified launch sites as an area that could benefit of the safety regulation that Orga operates in. The technical marketing  knowledge on launch vehicles and the space sector at HDES S&E was combined with the product knowledge of Orga to form a small product team to investigate the opportunities.

HDES made an overview of launch sites and contacted several people in their network working at launch sites to find out where their needs were. It became clear that many new launch sit

es were not aware of the rules and regulations for warning and  obstruction lights and the joint Orga-HDES team compiled a guideline for this.

As part of this project one of the existing Orga’s obstruction lights was tested in realistic conditions by T-minus by mounting a standard light of Orga on their mobile launch tower. The light did not show any damage or deterioration during the launch and this proved the validity of the Orga products for this application.

More tests are planned and Orga is also looking to provide solar powered remote power supplies to launch sites as they are often located in very remote areas and especially for stations outside the base, where no power is available. As launch bases are often surrounded by nature reserves, a green solution is essential.