HDES Service & Engineering works on different technologies that can be used for remote and rescue applications.

Cool Gas Generators

HDES Service & Engineering is deevloping an Oxygen Cool Gas Generator that will produce breatheable oxygen for emergy applications. These applications are:

  • Wounded soldiers in the field
  • Ambulances and first responders workers
  • Medical helicopters

The main advantage of this technology is that the storage is unpressurised and that it has an extreme long life. Compared with other chemical oxygen generator, the thermodynamic balance of the Cool Gas Generator is different and therefore it does not have the overheating problems many conventional chemical oxygen generators have.

Satellite IoT applications

Based on products and services of Fleet Space Technologies HDES Service & Engineering is developing IoT applications in the area of remote precision farming. Furthermore, HDES Service & Engineering BV is hosting the European branch of Fleet Space Technologies.

Low Power Energy Technologies

Based on its extensive knowledge on energy scavenging technologies, HDES is developing low power energy scavenging technologies to power small devices like robots and IoT sensors and nodes.