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First MINOS generator Production batch

An important milestone in the development of our company and products is the start of production for customers. This started in May 2023 with the first production batch. After the functional qualification of the MINOS generator, sales activities started for a distinguished group of customers. In June enough sales were made to allow the start of the production. Deliveries are planned for September.

Next to the Cool Gas Generators themselves, HDES also will deliver transport containers, manuals and other support to the customers. One of the new services included is a refill service where customers can return their CGG to HDES where it can be refilled with a new grain and returned to the customer for another firing. This saves costs and makes the CGG a more sustainable product.

The First Production Batch generators are Minos ground test units, which are identical to flight but with only functional testing and equipped with a HDES designed igniter to save costs. The generators deliver 20,2 normal liters of CO2 gas in about 12 seconds. They weight about 350 grams, are 156 mm high and have a main tube diameter of 40 mm.