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Circular Cool Gas Generators

Circularity is becoming more and more important and HDES also got questions on this topic from its customers. For HDES circularity always has been an important topic as it selected the CO2 generator in favour of the higher performance Nitrogen generator due to the toxicity of the nitrogen propellant.

As a response on the call of the Province of Zuid-Holland for new Feasibility study proposals, HDES responded with a dedicated proposal to study the possibilities to make Cool Gas Generator circular by looking at all parts of the CGG life.

The study will look at all different parts of a Cool Gas Generator life from the purchase of raw materials, the manufacturing of grain and filters, the manufacturing of casings, transport and use and disposal by the customer and recycling. The study will give special attention to the re-use of spent CGG’s and efficient use of raw materials. As HDES is planning a new production facilities, circularity can be taken into account right from the start.

The study starts with a general investigation phase and then promising topics will be investigated in detail. The study will end with a report giving recommendations how the Cool Gas Generator can be made more circular.

The results of this study will be used in other activities of the company like more efficient production of Cool Gas Generators for customers, the design of new production facilities and options for re-usability for our customers.