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MINOS 20 nl Carbon Dioxide Cool Gas Generator

This Cool Gas Generator is developed for pressurizing blow-down propellant tanks that are used in satellite propulsion systems. By using the innovative Cool Gas Generator technology, the filling of the tanks can be significantly increased, which allows more than 20% additional propellant in the same tank. The CGG can pressurize tanks to a maximum of 25 bars. The MINOS CGG stores up to 20 normal liters of gas in solid form and therefore has no pressure; leakage of maintenance needs before activation. It makes it possible to launch the propulsion system unpressurized and only pressurize it when in space.

The MINOS Cool Gas Generator is developed for space applications and tested to a stringent set of requirements. It is designed to operate in harsh environments like vacuum, high-temperature differences, vibrations and shock. A CGG works like a solid propellant rocket motor; an igniter starts a solid charge, which decomposes into the required gas. The unique self-cooling mechanism makes sure the gas leaves the CGG at ambient temperatures. The carbon dioxide CGG can also be used for many applications, like pressurization of space inflatable structures, airbag landing systems or gas supply systems.

The Minos 20 nl CO2 Cool Gas Generator