Capabilities & Services

HDES Service & Engineering BV provides the following services:

Energy Storage Application consultancy
With its background in advanced energy storage systems, HDES can provide consultancy in the best possible storage system for an applications. We can assist with interface engineering, technical and business evaluations and trade-off studies.

Gas Systems Support and Development

HDES has a large expertise in the design of gas supply systems for remote and emergency applications. Examples are inflation systems for spacecraft and gasgenerators for the inflation of airbags and floats. It is developing oxygen cool gas generator technology for stand-alone and independent breathing systems. With this knowledge, HDES can design, built and test a system for customers or assist them in their own development.

IoT systems

HDES has been involved in the newest developments in the field of IoT, especially using satellites to connect remote regions. HDES is developing its own insect monitoring system based on the Portal and connection of Fleet Space technologies. HDES is very well capable to assist others with the development of end to end IoT systems.

Business support and finance
The HDES team can help you in building your business case around the High Density Energy Storage technology. From early business case analyses and trade-offs to finding funding for the development, until full business plan development and requests for funding, The HDES initiative will be your partner. Our specialists have a vast experience with creating and financing high tech ventures. We speak both the technical and operational as well as the investors language.