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SBIC CGG demonstrators

In 2019 on the basis of its businessplan, HDES Service & Engineering was chosen by the SBIC selection board to enter the ESA Incubation programme. HDES will be part of the Space Business Innovation Center, SBIC, for 18 months and in that time it will develop demonstrations of both Oxygen and Carbondioxide Cool Gas Generators. These cool gas generators are based on the nitrogen Cool Gas Generator technology that has successfully flown in space on board of the Inflatesail, RemoveDebris and Proba 2 satellites.

To achieve these goals HDES will set up a laboratory size production plant for Cool Gas Generators, it will design and build gas generators, igniters and filters and combine these in a fully functioning demonstration test.

HDES will receive support and coaching from the SBIC to achieve all these goals and hopes to enter product development after the incubation period has ended.

The SBIC is an initiative of the European Space Agency and The Dutch Ministery of Economics Affairs. It aims to support companies that want to commercialize terrestrial applications of space technologies.