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Data analysis for the COGEX experiment on the Proba 2 satellite

In 2009 The Proba 2 satellite of ESA was launched with on board the COGEX Cool Gas generator experiment. The COGEX was built by a consortium led by Bradford Engineering BV. It was delivered to ESA in 2005 where it was integrated with the Spacecraft. The COGEX experiment contain 4 Cool Gas Generators that each produce 40 liter of nitrogen gas. The main goals of the experiment was to demonstrate the technology in space and to assess the life time in space by investigating any performance loss over the years.  Since the launch in November 2009 three gas generators have been fired in 2011, 2012 and in 2016, all with success. No degradation has been observed during any of the firings.

Since October 2011 the data analysis of the COGEX experiment has been done by HDES S&E and its predecessors.

HDES keeps regular contact with ESA, the Redu Groundstation and Bradford. It also collects the weekly data of the experiment and performs a quick check to see if all is well on board. HDES S&E is also responsible for further analysis and treatment of the data to get as much information as possible from the experiment.

The project is expected to continue as long as the Proba 2 remains operational. The last CGG is now foreseen to provide propellant for an orbit lowering maneuver to hasten the decay from orbit of the Proba 2 satellite.