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EVE Oxygen generator for General Practitioners

This project started with the selection of HDES as the winner of the ESA Technology Transfer competition by ESA and the Dutch ESA Technology Broker SBIC. Ferry Jansen, a General Practitioner and Berry Sanders of HDES decided to use the prize to conduct further market research, define the EVE-GP product in more detail and to improve the business plan.

In this project a survey among general Practitioners was conducted and cost estimates for production were made. Furthermore, work continued on the Oxygen Cool Gas Generator itself, with special attention to improving the CGG so that its housing is safe to handle and to touch, but still remains compact and easy to produce.

Part of this project were two sessions with student teams, one of the Delft University of Technology and the other with students of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. In both cases, students were given the assignment to study the possibilities for an EVE-GP and to come up with ideas for market research, product marketing, business case approach and certification. The student group confirmed the findings of the HDES team but also gave some new, out of the box, insights.


The results of this project will become input for the further development of the EVE-GP Oxygen Cool Gas Generator., which is expected to start by the middle of 2023.