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Custom Made Test equipment

HDES is developing and producing custom made test equipment consisting of mechanical, electrical and fluid components to perform complex or dangerous tests. HDES has built a CGG test set-up consisting of a remote control station with Data Acquisition, power supply and a safe and arm device and a re-enforced mobile test stand that can be easily re-configured and adapted. The actual test stand uses a small truss structure in which the test article and the fluid components and sensors are mounted. Safety is very important and several levels of safety have been built in to the design. The philosophy is that if one level of safety is breached, the others will remain fully functional and protect the outside form problems.

This expertise has led to work for other companies that require similar test facilities where a combination of mechanical strength and stiffness needs to be coupled with mechanical, fluid dynamic and electrical components. The first of these facilities have already been delivered to the users and are operating satisfactory.

The re-enforced test set-up with sensors, camera’s and fluid components

The control and data acquisition equipment ready for a test