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Advanced Cool Gas Generators

This project looks into the next generation of Cool Gas Generators and explores technologies that could improve the performance and manufacturability of the current Cool Gas Generators that are in development.

The aim is to explore new technologies in a stage approach. The project will start with a broad overlook of all the possibilities and then narrow down in two different phases. The first part will be brainstorm like with a qualitative analysis at the end. In a trade-off the ideas that look the most promising will be selected for the next phase.  During the second phase, more detailed, quantitative analysis will be conducted for the selected concepts. After again a thorough analysis and trade-off a limited number will go to the third phase where action designs will be made and, if possible within the budget, demonstration tests will be carried out.

Some of the ideas that will be included are:

  • Explore new CGG formulations for new gasses
  • Investigate ideas and technologies for lighter and more compact CGG’s
  • Investigate ideas and technologies to low the production costs of CGG and to facilitate large scale production of CGG’s.

The technologies that are demonstrated in this project can then be used into future product developments or improvements of present products.