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Trial by fire: Orga light survives T-Minus launch

Recently, a T-Minus sounding rocket was launched from a Dutch military site, nothing unusual one might say, but this time it was a special launch. The launch tower carried an obstruction light of Orga as a passenger experiment to see if these lights would be able to survive a launch. The results were very good, after launch the light was in excellent condition and could directly be re-used. This test was carried out in the framework of a project that HDES and Orga carried out to investigate whether the Orga porducts were interesting for launch sites.

T-minus is now considering to use the light on a permanent basis to indicate whether the rocket on the launcher is armed or not. In this way the launch team can see the status of the rocket at once and can take adequate precautions.

Furthermore Orga, HDES and T-minus are investigating further co-operation, for example in the development of remote power supplies especially suited for small unmanned remote stations to support a rocket flight.