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Deputy Minister for Defence Christophe van der Maat visits the SBIC and HDES / Solidflow

On the 25th of January Christophe van der Maat, Deputy Minister for Defence of the Netherlands visited ESTEC, the Gallileo Reference Centre and the Space Business Incubation Center (SBIC). In the SBIC, HDES S&E was one of the companies that was invited to inform the Deputy Minister on their technologies and products. Armanda Hogedoorn and Berry Sanders informed Mr. van der Maat on our ongoing co-operation with the Dutch MoD. HDES, together with the Medical Innovation Team of the Royal Dutch Army, is developing Oxygen Cool Gas Generators to treat wounded military personnel right after the injury has occurred.

In the picture the Deputy Minister is talking to Lysanne van Kooten – Kok of the Royal Dutch Army, Armanda Hogedoorn and Berry Sanders with the Cool Gas Generators on the table and on another picture is informing the Deputy Minister on our progress.