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HDES Cool Gas Generator classified outside the pyrotechnic class

As part of the development of the MINOS CO2 Cool Gas Generator, theĀ  generator had to be classified for a transportation class. HDES worked together with TNO to prepare and perform the required tests. Early March, the final test was carried out with two CGGs inside a specifically designed transport box. Based on the results of this test, on 14 March 2023, TNO formally classified the MINOS CGG outside the pyrotechnic class while inside the transport box.

MINOS CGG and transportbox during the classification test

With this classification, MINOS CGGs can be transported all over the world, even by airplane. This is a major step into the development of the first product that will be offered by HDES.

The individual MINOS CGGs will still be class 1.4s due to the outside wall temperature, but with increased thermal protection, the individual CGGs are expected to be classified outside the pyrotechnic class as well. HDES expect to reach this point before the end of 2023