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MINOS Project passes the Engineering Model Design Review

On July 8th 2022, the Minos project team and external reviewers came together at the SBIC to discuss the design of the first space CO2 Cool Gas Generator. During the meeting all different aspects of the design were discussed, questions were raised and comments and tips were given.

The general opinion was that the design was sound and was ready move to the next phase of the development which is building and testing the Engineering Models. The design team then started working to include all comments and advise into the design and documentation. With an updated design and documenation the review was closed at the end of July.

The Qualification Review is foreseen for the end of 2022 and by March 2023, the CGGs shall be qualified and ready to be delivered to the first customers.


The 20 normal liter CO2 CGG was was the subject of this review