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The next generation of Cool Gas generators starts

Early July 2020 a new project for advanced Cool Gas Generators was started at HDES. This project will study the feasibility of advanced Cool Gas Generator technologies like advanced filters, new formulations and new thermal protection concepts.  The main aim is to:

  • Explore CGG formulations for new gasses
  • Investigate ideas and technologies for lighter and more compact CGG’s
  • Investigate ideas and technologies to low the production costs of CGG and to facilitate large scale production of CGG’s.

The study will take a year and will start with a broad search for new ideas, who will all be categorized and evaluated. A small selection of these ideas will be studied in more detail and then, after another selection,  a few ideas will be actually tested in small demonstration tests.

If the feasibility of the new technologies is proven, they could enter commercial products in two to three years from now.

With this study, HDES will ensure that it can offer new and even better products to its customers in the future.