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HDES starts EVE Oxygen generator project

Supported by a grant of the Province of South Hollands, HDES, together with its partners Lecon Engineering BV and AOW Consultancy will start the development of the EVE and EVE.PRO oxygen generator. This development is planned to take 18 months.

In this time the oxygen Cool Gas Generator products will be brought to a level that certfication trail can start with good confidence. The Oxygen generator is meant for acute help for patients with for example COPD but can also be used for emergency services to provide a simple, rugged and lightweight oxygen source.

The work will built on the demonstration oxygen generator developed within the SBIC programme and will add filtering, a proven ignition device and thermal potection to the whole system.

Special attention will be given to the low cost series production of the whole Cool Gas Generator to ensure a product that can meet the requiremnts of the Health market.