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VOLTA rocket motor development starts

A team consisting of T-minus Engineering from Delft and HDES initiative has been awarded a subsidy from the Province of Zuid Holland to start the development of the VOLTA  rocket engine concept.

The VOLTA enige is aimed at the fast growing small satellite market where it can be used to transfer satellites from their initial orbit after a cheap launch with multiple satellites to their operational orbit with aminiaml burden is cost and mass. It can also be used to efficiently de-orbit satellites at the end of their life.

In VOLTA the HDES energy storage is used to heat up propellant in a rocket engine. the hot gas is then exhausted through a nozzle to provide thrust. Due to the high energy output of the HDES technology and its high energy storage capacity, a very efficient rocket engine can be designed.

In this two year project, a first version of the hDES engine will be developed and tested. A second version, that might even be used in aspace demonstration will be built and tested at the end of the project.